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In the Realm of Thorn and Jasmine

I want to offer one of my poems written in Arabic, signed at the end "July 17, 2006 - Durand de la Penne". It 'a poem written about the recent war in Lebanon in August 2006 where precisely the "Durand de la Penne" was the first ship that saved the Italian people ran away from Lebanon.
I included this poem in a work of video art that has sequences of nature and of preparation for my sister's wedding that convey thoughts of freedom (even today there are activities of oppression in my small country ...), which is the opposite of that which is recited in the poetry that plays in the background.


My artistic concept is inspired by the wild nature of the place where I was born, the Khadisha valley in Lebanon. The Sacred Valley attracted hermits for centuries. In this video, using a vision, I show the possibility of a new Annunciation in today's world, in a very human way. The angel is here a normal person, with his jacket transformed into wings, who begin his meditation and subsequent deep analysis of existence, when he meets nature. Everyone can become this angel, who "leaving her ..", as it's described in the Luke's Gospel, brings with it a load of meditation useful to consider with transparency himself and the world represented within the valley, where a new life is beginning to breathe.

Rebirth Trilogy

With a trilogy of three video i try to make a reflection of the nature and what i named as definition "wild art": that art who is generated from deep concepts inspired from the meditation of the nature.
For me it was a test to be inside history, as I could pass the wave of the art around the scent of what I saw. This work will be like a person who has passed leaving only the footsteps of his feet on the sand as the wind vibrates the trees producing music.

1 - Untitled (Drops)

Small droplets are created by slowly melting snow emerging from the depths of the earth and their nuances shine under the sun which gives them a skeleton of complexity to form a ball end. They tremble to become the purity that reflects the sunlight.

2 - New Birth

A performance of a six-month child brought on a journey with the sound of rain and a plane. The child fell and was reborn crying while his mom brings him forth to this life. The inversion is the womb, a philosophical cave from which it comes out to find flowers with thorns everywhere.

3 - Hermit

The access to the cave of a hermit that I wanted to meet at his place of deep meditation and intimate prayer, in isolation with God.

Decomposition 1 e 2

The passage by boat from this world to another, between a funeral of a poet in the East and a solitary journey westward in Venice. The other world is an open structure of a house, a return to my paradise, my valley, where the cascade halls up to transform into an ethereal white cloud.


During the journey of art we are like a child clinging to the feet of the mother for not going away, thinking that so he can stop her or she takes him on his way staying attached with full force. The light that is reflected in the same amount on metals or gold  surfaces ... The reflection on the world that we bring to travel on the edge of life where do many rivers and many streams ... The world of origin remains the starting center for the first lactation of all the resources of my art. The culmination of the transfiguration is the journey: take an art that brings you without knowing where it is like to trust that your new land there. After the work of "Fog on Becharre", the video "Voyage" chooses a path through a post-technological view representation of an inner voice calling me to come back with bags and get lost in nature and then wake up in a another place and continue this journey beyond the real transports.

Fog on Becharré

A great desire to begin a safe journey in a scorched earth (the land where she is the artist) always renewed by earth and heat under her feet, is revealed within a crowd of ideas for projects in the form of condensed and absurd stares launched unto the world.
To live without art is no way to run, where nothing but the art remains unchanged and Nihilism creates these little melodies so that you may believe.