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Performance at Trieste - "THE LOCAL ARTIST IS PRESENT" #9

A performance with group Femminile Plurale of artists, performers & designers. Interview by art curator Federica Purgatori. Event organized by CREEA.
Trieste, september 2015

Performance at villa Zonca

Musical art performance with Mauro Sambo during exhibition
“Cos'è uno spazio per l'arte contemporanea? Opere, una scritta nel parco, la musica, degli invitati”,
("What is a space for contemporary art? Artworks, sign in the park, music, some guests")
at ZACC, Zonca Art Contemporary Center

Arcade-Treviso, may 2015

Would you allow me ?

Only Art manages to get inside the walls, trying to live within them in a fun way, trying to be close to all and to hear the stories of everyone's life.
Collective performance at Spinola Banna per l'Arte foundation
Workshop with Rirkrit Tiravanija (Torino, ottobre 2013)

The cave of memories

This project is my personal work on cave "Seidet el Derr" in Lebanon (Bcharre), a place very linked to my childhood memories, and it has always intrigued. I did some interviews with the elders of the village where they tell stories and events of the past.
In the performance I wanted to keep the spontaneity and originality of the place in front of the church of the village, with all its changes, it is always a place of meetings.
Bcharrè,Lebanon, april 2013

Who is inside of me

The performance offers by the lecture of a poetry a curious meaning of an inside world, to know what's going on during the period of pregnancy .
Music, dance and words are together in the installation remembering the power of going out the cocoon and contains our proper memory of an originally place of the lost paradise of innocence and purity of the baby present inside us.
Venice, november 2009
In the space inside installation at Bevilacqua-LaMasa foundation, three readers recite verses in Arabic, English and Italian, a Japanese opera singer sings an old lullaby and a contemporary dancer recreates the movements of the fetus on the walls, as the movements you can see on the belly of a mother.

Between two sisters

A structure linking the walls with a white cloth and an environment with very low revenue, such as those of the monasteries, so you must bow down, closing the space from the outside world, as a hermitage. The art world becomes a holy world, where you personally have the need for isolation from outer space to create his own world in the world.
Poetry, dance, melody, noise and the world people are the elements that speak about creation of the cave inside us where we can go.
Bevilacqua-LaMasa studio in Venice, duration 7 min, 5 february 2009
During the recitation, a spontaneous melody was vocalized by a contemporary singer and a dancer, the only moving, his hand came out from the holes and touched people without touching them. The public came among us and was forced to stand in one cut of the cloth.
between two sisters art perfomance laure keyrouz

Performance 17 may 08

The presence of hermetic poetry in contemporary art has the pleasure of wandering in the virtual images of words?
Poetry, children, song, dance, sounds, smells, gestures ...
The verses recited to the public, play with sand, the pace of voice and body, burned incense at the entrance, a veil over her face ...
Junghans theatre, Giudecca (Venice), duration 20 min, may 2008. Outside theatre children play with sand, and incense is burned at a girl changes the way you wear a veil. Inside the performers recite poetic verses in front of  the audience in own language. An opera singer gives voice to the poetry and a dancer interprets the rhythm with the dance.
Performance 17 may 08 art performance laure keyrouz

Three Cedars of Lebanon planted in S. Lazarus of Armenians island

The trip of cedar trees to Armenian's island in Venice lagoon is a internal journey, inside unknown interior places, going in exile.
They ventured out to difficulties of the sea: touching between trees and sea is a poetic state of mind. The roots of cedars had dreamt for ages to touch water...
The day when I planted them was foggy, in a mystic atmosphere: the island was a surface over an anonymous sea full of mistery that will give to these frail trees the power to grow, near a olive tree coming from Jerusalem, in front of Armenian monastery, admiring thousands of sunsets.
Saint Lazarus of Armenians island (Venice), 21 january 2008
Three cedars tree brought from Lebanon planted personally by me
Three Cedars of Lebanon planted in S. Lazarus of Armenians Island art installation laure keyrouz

Untitled - Video-performance on the snow

The poem is read and repeated several times created an echo in the valley saint and an ambiguous mood of restlessness and confusion. Test the heat of the hand on the snow and want to incorporate all the senses of all existence around in an infinite silence.
This snow is the identity of the journey. Two places: the classroom that wants to get rid of closed and another silent space of tranquility where is the common point of white ...
Bcharre, Lebanon, cedar forest, december 2008

Me and you, ink and stone

I let you burn

The force of nature permit the union of people without distinction of language or culture. The celebration of poetry can communicate with it through music the words of a poem recited by the sea and trees.
A group of people who play together, but different languages. The anthem of humanity deep salt to it, it unifies with it which in turn feels, vibrates and radiates silence.
"I let you burn", performance dedicated to the trees with various voices
Ottolenghi forest in Venice-Mestre, october 2007, duration 20 min
Seven persons repeated some verses in seven different languages translated from my poetry
Me and you ink and stone art performance laure keyrouz

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"Me and you, ink and stone", performance dedicated to the sea with various voices
Duration 20 min, Venice beach, march 2007
i let you burn art perfomance laure keyrouz