Series of art poetry written in Arabic language:


Installation site-specific. Materials: series of books. (exhibition “Terre fleurie”, Kulturzentrum, Centre culturel Libano-Allemand, Jounieh, Liban,  november 2016)
Laure Keyrouz Installation Centre culturel Lebanon-Allemand


Installation site-specific. Materials: series of books. (Premio Suzzara "NoPlace.Space", Suzzara, Italy, september 2016)
Laure Keyrouz Installation Suzzara

Fiume Qadisha
A poem dedicated to Qadisha river in Lebanon written on Piave river borders in Italy

Installation site-specific. Materials: porphyry bricks ("Confluenze" event, Nervesa della Battaglia - Italy, july 2016)
Fiume Piave art installation laure keyrouz

Fiume Piave
A poem dedicated to Qadisha and Piave rivers written on border of Qadisha valley in Lebanon

Installation site-specific. Materials: rocks. ("Confluenze" event, Bcharrè - Lebanon, august 2016)

Fiume Qadisha art installation laure keyrouz

I feel the space

Installation site-specific. Materials: 194 bricks in 40 meters. Dolomiti Contemporanee (Casso, june 2016)

Laure Keyrouz Istallation I feel the space

Break the silence

Installation site-specific. Materials: wood. (Pardes Contemporary Center, Mirano, may 2016)

Birth of colour and peace in a environmental museum

Installazione site-specific. Materials: wood. (exhibition Voci del corpo - Pace e Ambiente, Osnago, june 2016)


Triq l-Charq - The road that lead to the Orient

Installation site-specific. Materials: series of books (University of Malta, Valletta, march 2017)
Laure Keyrouz Installation Malta The road that lead to the Orient

Phone cover art

It 'a serial work about the "war of images", on conflicts, which I started in Lebanon when it started the threat and insecurity that comes from all that is happening today. Going back to my country to Lebanon I heard this fight inside, this virtual danger, through the object-phone today used with social networks, and we receive photos of death , shocking news, children dying in the sea, the city destroyed in Syria , executions,... And on the other side you can find portraits of Joseph Beuys or Gauguin poetic writings ...
In this flow of information uncontrollable, fast, flowing like a stream, where even death is a manipulated image, I wanted to stop these news and copy without changing the title or the text by a sequence of reproductions, where I require the attention and the reflect on what is going on and the use of technology in which human dignity and personal rights are being annihilated, thrown into a movement propagated to everyone...

The artWork is set up as a stand of a popular market, where they sell the covers for iPhone. Each one is signed behind and has a serial number. But what you do is not "selling" a phone accessory, but an argument about the news we receive in our warm hands on the lost humanity.

Materials: acrylic, tempera and permanent colours on trasparent paper, iPhone covers. Cm40x12
Art Factory of Tobia Ravà (Venice, june 2016)


Writing in the park

One of my artwork during the exhibition I organized entitled “Cos'è uno spazio per l'arte contemporanea, opere, una scritta nel parco, la musica, degli invitati”, in the park of Villa Zonca.

Materials: 722 old bricks disposed in 52 meters
ZACC, Zonca Contemporary Art Center (Arcade-Treviso, may 2015
Writing in the park

Eternalize Autumn

Materials: dry leaves,  sewing thread
Spinola Banna per l'Arte Foundation, workshop with Rirkrit Tiravanija (Torino, october 2013)

Eternalise autumn art installation laure keyoruz

Time and Permissions

I asked to the group of resident artists to write their thoughts about living in the place of  the foundation. From these sentences I was inspired to create an installation in the courtyard, made with bricks and tiles to create verses of a poem in arabic.

Materials: bricks and tiles
Spinola Banna per l'Arte Foundation, workshop with Rirkrit Tiravanija (Torino, october 2013)

Time and permission art installation laure keyrouz

We climb the East until the red cluster...

A poetry writing on the wall in two dimension, the original language is in Arabic and is writing from outside following the direction of the sun the begin is the East, the Orient, the Truth. It's the door of the entrance of Art Accademy with young creators dreaming with arts to draw a new reality.

Materials: adhesive letters on windows
Exhibition “Two-Points: Taiwan-Italian conceptual art” at CTUST, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology Art Center (Taiwan, december 2011)

Laure Keyrouz Art Installation

An eye for an eye, nature for nature

Ten windows salvaged from an old house habitat change and should be transparent to build a house in nature.
How can you move your eyes symbolized by the windows in any home? Men are the people who build walls to create shadow intimacy closing behind sandbags as during a war and set boundaries to divide its territory from the other.
Here is taken only on the transparent part of the place where you live and is moved: the eye through the windows dreams, create a trip inside the house, watching the sunset, people on the street, lives the events of natural change, the rain ... behind all the windows.

Materials: windows, plastic, written words (Caprino Veronese, July-September 2012)

An eye for n eye, nature for nature art installation

The fall of umbilical cord

A new back to nature at the moment of birth begins with the separation from the
mother, symbolized by the flow of the waterfall on this site. The umbilical cord is
attached to rocks, static ground, and trees, which rise towards the sky: it is a conflict
between the secular and the spiritual.

Materials: plexiglass and iron frame 15x25 cm anchored with steel cables to trees and to rocks, my baby's umbilical cord
The fall of umbilical cord art installation laure keyrouz

Breathing distant ground

This gesture is a tap and becomes one with the earth breathing dust inside the vase is like a place to go around and in the meantime becomes vagabonds.
Breathing a distant land full of incense is an art to enclose inside stay inside the originality and the roots of things and remember the purity of childhood. There is enough pay, staring eyes the earth rising into the vessel, which becomes waves of the sea, rising strongly, looking closely at the details.

Materials: book in arabic of wedding ceremony according to the rite Syrian Maronite, flowers and ground collected in Lebanon, the text of the poem written by my sister read during my wedding, video of collecting of ground
Collective exhibition “Devozioni domestiche”, Contemporary gallery of Venice-Mestre, 2008
breathing distant ground art installation laure keyrouz

August 2006

The potetial of this artwork lives in the representation of the sequence of historical events, involving a troubled history of war with the symbolism of these stones used as relics.
The stones are also the memories of people and children who died as martyrs in the war (see tragical events of july 2006 in Lebanon), with the desire to preserve all that with stones.
Engraved stones and glass jars, alcohol, transparent printing on a window
august 2006 art installation laure keyrouz

Khadisha Valley

The structure of the valley grows up in the mountains looking upon the vertical line above the cosmos while the bottom stops digging in the depths of the sacred place, smelling incense and prayers, and contemplating the majesty of shapes and lines that enclose the vision of a valley where every sound is left dominating over the eternal silence at the center of Earth.
So through the veil of a fine and transparent tulle fabric, there is expulsion from the outside world to modesty and virtue, as it casts a mosquito net to protect children in their cradles.

Materials: resin, plaster, straw and tulle fabric.
Garden of Seminary "Santa Maria della Salute" in Venice, 2007

Khadisha Valley art installation laure keyrouz

Adonis spring of nature

The rebirth of the forest even in the plains is taken here with the symbolism of the crucifixion and resurrection of nature.
The caves in wood, reproduced in small sizes compared to the natural size familiarized by humans, smaller than the oldest shrines of humanity, a symbol of the womb. The arabic verses engraved by pyrograph belong to one of my poems.
Materials: carved wood and pyrograph words
Ottolenghi forest in Mestre, 2007
Adonis spring of nature art installation laure keyrouz