Laure Keyrouz

Born on April 6th, 1979 in Becharre, Lebanon. She received a Diploma in Arabic Literature from the Department of Literature and Human Sciences at the Lebanese University in 2002, a Diploma of Superior Studies in Arabic Literature from the Institute of Literature at the USEK University Kaslik, Lebanon in 2003 and a Diploma in “Art & Painting” from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University in 2005. In the same year she received a scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cultural Italian Institute, for a Masters Degree in Italian Language at the University of Udine. After that she received a Diploma in Superior Studies of Art & Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venice in 2008.In Italy, she founded a blog-magazine for Art, Poetry and Philosophy “Ink & Stone – Inchiostro e pietra” in 2009 and also an association, “Front of Art,” with Katia Baraldi in 2011. She travels between Italy and Lebanon to present contemporary art exhibitions and lectures in poetry. In 2013 she published the poetry book "Ink & Stone". Recently she is working on a new arts and performance contemporary center ZACC (Zonca Art Contemporary Center)  at Villa Della Zonca in Arcade (Treviso).
Since 2014 she is adjunct Professor of Arabic Language and Translation at University of TriesteShe is now attending a Ph.D-Doctoral diploma in Literary studies, humanities and social sciences at University of Nova Gorica.

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List of some exhibitions and events



  • Curator with Katia Baraldi of a new art event and residence in Italy for Front of Art between Lebanon and Italy
  • Exhibition “Adriatica la via dell'arte” curated by Francesco Ruggiero and Elena dell'Andrea (Macerata)
  • Exhibition “À la Frontière…! Old and New Borders in Europe” with Angelo Ricciardi, curated by Trieste Contemporanea gallery (Gallery Podroom - Cultural Centre of Belgrade)
  • Exhibition “Squarci nelle tenebre” (at PaRDeS, Mirano and Art Factory di Tobia Ravà, Venice)
  • Reading-installation event at Dolomiti Contemporanee association (Casso)
  • Curator of series of meetings “Caffè letterari di arte visiva e poesia” titled “Pictures and conflicts: new technologies in digital contemporary arts” at ZACC center (Arcade)


  • poetry readings in arabic “We human beings” (Dolomiti Contemporanee association, Casso)
  • Performance “The local artist is present”, curated by Federica Purgatori and Creaa Association (Trieste)
  • Curator of collective exhibition “Oasis - contemporary art performance” at ZACC (Arcade, Treviso, 2015)
  • Exhibition “Cos'è uno spazio per l'arte contemporanea? Opere, una scritta nel parco, la musica, degli invitati”, at ZACC (Arcade, Treviso, 2015)
  • Exhibition “Verbovisioni” by Accademia di Belle Arti, curated by Riccardo Caldura, (Venice, 2015) - Press release


  • Performance “Poetry for my people” for “Artist shift camp” event, curated by the association Near East Far East, (Treviso, 2014)
  • International workshop with Rirkrit Tiravanija at Spinola Banna Foundation (Torino, Italy, 2013). Video
  • "Front of Art - Public spaces = A place for action", public art project  (Bcharre, Lebanon and Roccagloriosa, Italy, 2013)
  • “Human Rights”, International Contemporary Art, (Lecce-Trento, 2012)
  • “Fruit”, self publishing exhibition (Bologna, 2012)
  • My Detour-Taccuini da viaggio, (Venice, Foundation Bevilacqua-LaMasa, 2012)
  • Asolo Film Festival “Art Shift : Two points” (Asolo-MoCA Taipei , 2011)
  • project  “Front of Art - Public art experiences” (Nervesa, 2011)


  • “Arcadia: armonia e inquietudine”, (museum Giorgione, Castelfranco 2010)
  • “Opera 2009”, artist studio at Bevilacqua-LaMasa Foundation
  • 93th exhibition, (Bevilacqua-LaMasa Foundation, Venice, 2010)
  • “Disagi. Immagini dal Manicomio di San Servolo”, curated by Angela Vettese at Bevilacqua-LaMasa Foundation (Venice 2009)
  • 92th exhibition at Bevilacqua-LaMasa Foundation (Venice, 2008)
  • “Devozioni domestiche. Recent works of Venice Fine Arts Academy” (Contemporary gallery in Mestre- Venice, 2008)
  • Installations and performances for opening Ottolenghi forest (Mestre, 2007)
  • P3Project, installation "White Hymn" (Collateral Events 52th Venice Biennal, 2007)
  • Exhibition “Per Lumina” (San Vito al Tagliamento, 2007)